Opportunities of CISCO

Opportunities of CISCO

Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA is one of the most commonly pursued technical professional certifications. It is also consistently ranked amongst the most well paying certifications. No wonder there are more than 1 million Cisco certified individuals making their mark in the corporate world. Out of these a majority of individuals are CCNA certified. With more and more companies depending on the computers and the internet for running their business operations, it is essential to keep their computer network infrastructure in good shape and running all the time, and also keep it safe from the hackers. CCNA certified individuals are trained to ensure the same. Since Cisco is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of network devices in the world, it makes sense to get trained in configuring, and troubleshooting CISCO devices.

The career opportunities after CCNA certifications are many, right from small companies to major corporations and even in the public sector. First of all, one can apply to jobs in CISCO itself after successful completion of their certification. One can also apply to other positions such as network administrator, IT support executive, and Network Security Analyst amongst others. If getting a job is your main priority after completing CCNA certification then you should start browsing big job sites like Naukri and Monster weekly right before you complete it. It will give you the perspective of the different kinds of opportunities that this field has. The salaries offered to entry level professionals is around 3.5 lac per month in India Rupees or if you are in a foreign country it could be around $50,000.


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